Date & Almond Qatayef

By yasmine • January 29, 2018

4 servings
30 min
Date & Almond Qatayef

Date & Almond Qatayef marries two traditional Ramadani ingredients into a mouthful of yumminess. Crunchy outer layer of Qatayef with gooey sweet dates inside, and a surprise bitter crunch from the almonds, will make this desert your favorite this Ramadan. It is easy to prepare in advance and fry 10 minutes before serving.

For the sugar syrup recipe click here.


  • 1/2 kg Qatayef - قطايف
  • 20 dates (use smaller dates like Rotab or Sagei) - بلح
  • 100g almonds (whole unpeeled) - لوز
  • 2 cup frying oil - زيت للقلي
  • 1.5 cup sugar syrup - شربات - قطر

Step by step

  1. Deseed dates and replace the seeds with a piece of almond inside the date.
  2. Put one filled date inside each Qatayef and close it tightly.
  3. In the meantime heat the frying oil. It will need about 5 minutes on medium heat to reach the heat required for frying. If you drop one Qatayef piece and it doesn't sizzle straight away, then you will need to wait a bit longer to achieve crispy yet gooey Qatayef.
  4. After frying move them onto a prepared tray covered with kitchen paper to soak the excess oil for a minute. Then move the hot Qatayef into a bowl of sugar syrup (at room tempreture).
  5. Stir the Qatayef in the syrup then move them to the serving dish. You can dust them with some cinnamon if you prefer before serving immediately.


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