Spinach & Carrot Brown Rice Medley

By yasmine • April 28, 2016

4 servings
30 min
Spinach & Carrot Brown Rice Medley

From 9 months.

Like most leafy greens, most doctors allow spinach from 9 months. Spinach is a large source of iron in a time babies start crawling and walking. I used to stuff any of my daughter’s food with some spinach leaves – I chop it up and add it to her eggs or to a creamy gratin and or blend it in a homemade fruity juice. This recipe is a yummy example of incorporating spinach.

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  • 2 carrots (peeled and cubed) - جزر
  • 1 potatoes (peeled & cubed) - بطاطس
  • 1 cup baby spinach (or spinach) - سبانخ صغيرة
  • 3 tablespoon basmati brown rice - أرز بسمتى بنى
  • 1.5 cup chicken broth/stock (OR water) - مرقة دجاج
  • 2 tablespoon cooking cream - كريم الطهي

Step by step

  1. In a medium pot, heat olive oil over medium heat and add rice. Stir for a couple of times, then add carrots, potatoes, and broth/water mix.
  2. Bring pot to a boil then lower heat and cover. Let it cook for 15 minutes until almost cooked through.
  3. Add spinach leaves and cover again for another 5 minutes until veggies and rice are cooked through.
  4. Add one tablespoon cooking cream to each serving (especially when reheating to feed). You can mash the mix with a fork or use a handheld blender for a smoother texture. Serve warm.


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3 responses to “Spinach & Carrot Brown Rice Medley”

  1. Shahira says:

    Is it ok to use cooking cream at 9 months? Do u think I could leave it out?

    • Admin says:

      Good morning Shahira 🙂 Yes it is ok to use cooking cream as long it is going to be cooked – likes most dairy – but please do ask you doctor. You can use broth, water or milk to cream the content of the medley to make it easier for your toddler to eat.

  2. Shahira says:

    Great! Thanks

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