Private: Beach-Friendly Kids Lunch

In the summer, when we go to the beach, we tend to spend the whole day by the sea. But we worry about kids meals - trying to make sure they are well-fed while they exert so much energy swimming, running and playing on the beach. Here is a practical and delicious guide for lunch and snacks that you can prepare in advance and make sure it stays in tact and satisfactory for kids on the beach - you might end up indulging in some of it yourself!

Shawerma, roast beef or tuna wraps are easy to hold and can be very nutritious for the kids especially if you fill them with veggies and herbs. Otherwise you can just give them some pan-fried Kofta and Corn on the Cob to hold and nibble at!

To make sure they eat their greens, you can make one of those Vietnamese Rolls or Shrimp Summer Rolls for them with an interesting dipping sauce that they can go back and forth dipping and double-dipping in.

For a sweet option they can have a granola bar full of nuts and seeds (the closest thing to freska) or a brownie square.

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